Sunday, April 5, 2009

DuPont Church Planter Candidates

Closer to the Goal? Perhaps the Lord is allowing us to see the DuPont Church Plant become a reality after all these years. A few weeks ago Pastor Tim Atkins and myself spent a couple hours interviewing Mark & Tracy Wilson for the Church

Residency Program for the Church Planter in DuPont. We invited them to fly up for a week from California where Mark is attending Seminary and teaching College. They arrived last Friday hitting the ground running. Since they both have family in the area this has been an added blessing for them. They are staying with the Atkins on South Hill which gives them time to chat and fellowship about church planting. Saturday was a busy day as Mark shared God's Word at the Men's Breakfast for Faith Bible Church and then they headed out to DuPont to see the area and do some canvasing. On Sunday morning Katherine and I attended Faith Bible Church Worship Service where the Wilson's were introduced to the group and Mark gave a greeting and read Scripture. Pastor Tim finished preaching through the book of Philippians. We shared time in Sunday School in prayer and a survey of James. Following the service we met at the Atkins home for lunch and had more time to visit with Mark and Tracy; whom by the way both grew up in Western Washington. Sunday night we met at the Silver Creek Retirement Center for a time of singing and sharing. Katherine and I were invited to do a duet so we sang "In the Sweet By & By." After a short introduction by Pastor Tim, Mark Wilson preached from Jeremiah 28, "Discerning True Hope in Deceptive Days." He shared from the passage that we need to Consider the Source: Who the Prophet Is and What He Is Saying (vs1-4); Apply the Scriptures by: Responding Wisely, Recounting Prophecy, and Reacting Appropriately (vs5-11); and Trust the Lord to : Preserve His Promises, Protect His People and Punish False Prophets (vs12-17). On Tuesday night Mark & Tracy will be meeting with the Leadership Committee of Faith Bible Church for a time of dinner and interview. This will be an opportunity for the men to get to know them better and ask questions, etc. Wednesday morning we will meet the Wilson's at the N.I.C.E. Headquarter Office in University Place and have them greet our Executive Director and wife, Earl & Shirley Brubaker. Then we will have lunch together somewhere close by. In the evening we will gather in DuPont for the Bible Study where Wilson's will be introduced and have an opportunity to formally see the progress of the church plant in action. All in all it will be a long week for them with very little relaxing time. They have got to spend some time with family which is good. Keep praying for the Lord's direction for the Wilson's and those of us in leadership as we move forward and watch God bring about His purpose for the ministry in DuPont.

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