Monday, May 4, 2009

Anchor of Hope Fellowship/Goshen Community Church

Anchor of Hope Fellowship began a few years back in Ferndale, just outside of Bellingham. Larry & Jeanette Larson give leadership to the church which now meets in the VFW Hall in a beautiful country setting south of Lynden. Katherine had the opportunity to share God's Word and fellowship with the ladies at a retreat that met at the Cedar Springs Campground. Katherine shared three lessons: "A Life that Qualifies" from 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, "Obedience: No Excuses" from 1 Samuel 15, and "Finishing Well" from Daniel 6 & 2 Timothy 4. While Katherine and Jeanette attended the retreat, Bob & Larry spent time together encouraging one another. They had dinner in Lynden Friday night chatting about ministry and then spent the evening watching the Mariner's ballgame. Saturday morning was breakfast at IHOP and then a golf outing with a couple men in the church at a Par 3, nine hole course not far from Larry's house. While there were a few sprinkles of rain, the weather held and it was a good time of fellowship on the course. After dinner on Saturday night, we enjoyed talking more about ministry and family with Larry and Jeanette. On Sunday morning we headed out to church where Bob preached a message on Philippians 4:4-9, "Three Cures for the Disease of Anxieties in Life." First, The Disease of Anxieties is Treated by "Developing a Consistent Spirit of Joy"; second, by "Practicing the Goal of Praying Thankfully" and third, by "Cultivating the Mind to Think Biblically." He had a fourth point but knew he wouldn't get through it in time. Pastor Larry ended the service with a time in communion. Following a time of fellowship after the service, eight of us headed to Applebee's for lunch. Then we drove up the road to the Woods Coffee shop to meet with our missionary couple from Goshen Community Church, Bill & Sharilyn Peter's. We viewed pictures of both our grandchildren and discussed various aspects of family situations and how ministry is going. Bob will be speaking at Goshen in July while the Peter's head to New York to celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary and visit with relatives. While it was a long weekend it was definitely profitable and enjoyable.

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