Monday, May 25, 2009

Foster Silver Anniversary & Ministry to Deary Community Bible Church

This past weekend we had the privilege of participating in Tom and Linda Foster's 25th Wedding Anniversary in Deary, Idaho. Linda is Katherine's sister. It was a wonderful time of celebration with some family members and numerous folks from the church. Katherine helped out with the decorations along with her mother and niece Naphtali. Katherine and Naphtali had planned out a number of things through email and phone prior to the big event. Bob put the slide show together. Bob, Andrew and some others helped to set up tables and chairs.

On Sunday we went to Deary Community Bible Church, starting with Sunday School taught by a former missionary who is helping the church out as they are without a pastor at this point. Bob gave the message from Philippians 4. Following church we enjoyed a barbecue lunch celebrating Tom's 49th birthday. About 3:30pm we loaded up and headed home arriving around 9:30pm. Our prayers are with Deary Community Bible Church, about 30 minutes outside of Moscow, Idaho, as they seek a pastor for their church. We were just part of their new building dedication a number of months back. It is a great facility that is being used for the glory of God.

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