Monday, June 15, 2009

Wenatchee Valley Bible Church & Stark's Visit

What a glorious and beautiful day for driving on Sunday morning for Central Washington. But then Katherine might say Bob would have no idea as he slept a good portion of the way. That was partly due to allergy medications and lack of sleep the night before. We arrived in Wenatchee about 10:00am and proceeded to our typical hangout - Starbucks, then over to Dan & Donna Bong who pastor Wenatchee Valley Bible Church. Services began in their home at 10:45am with Pastor Dan leading us in song. We had some announcements, reading & opening prayer by one of the young men in church and praise time with prayer requests. Bob was the main speaker for the morning and typically does a "sermon from the seat" message. There were about 9 adults and 2 children. Bob spoke from Daniel 3:16-18 on "Faithfulness in Times of Pressures to Do Wrong" from the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. He concentrated on three marks: 1) The Mark of Unwavering Determination; by not giving into wrong even when it isn't popular, 2) The Mark of Unwavering Confidence; knowing God has the ability to deliver, but recognizing His plan might be different, and 3) The Mark of Unwavering Allegiance; understanding clearly what God's Word says and determining to do right regardless of the consequences. Following the service we had a wonderful time around the table eating a great pot roast meal provided by Katherine. Mike Jones, Child Evangelism Director and board member of WVBC joined us. At 2:30pm we had our WVBC Board meeting with discussion and prayer for the church and God's blessings in reaching the few ethnic folks in this ministry. We are truly thankful for Dan and Donna Bong ministering for God's glory. About 4:00pm we had dinner with our missionaries from the church at Rock Island Community Church. What a blessing Dennis & Lori Stark continue to be at their ministry. God continues to bless with a growing attendance. They are planning a Marriage Seminar this coming weekend using the Love and Respect Series. They are hoping for 10 couples. We continue to pray for Dennis who will be having a number of shots in his back for the pain.

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