Monday, June 1, 2009

Browning Wedding/Loomis C.C. Dedication

This weekend was another special time in our travels. Bob had the opportunity of conducting a wedding at Keyport Bible Church, along with Pastor Mike Chinn. Curt Browning was the Groom and Marilyn Curcio was the Bride. This was especially a blessing because Curt was one of Bob's Sunday School teachers growing up, as well as an elder while we pastored at Keyport Bible Church for many years. Bob and Curt have grown to have a special friendship over the years through various day hikes in the Olympic mountains, chats in the Pastor's Study, emails and still to this day they meet for breakfast whenever they get a chance. Rehearsal was Friday night with a small wedding party and a Saturday afternoon wedding in the main Sanctuary at 2pm and reception in the Multi-Purpose Building. It was also nice to visit with many of the folks we've known over the years.

Over the years Katherine has enjoyed being involved in the children's lives of various churches. Keyport Bible Church was one places she was adopted as "mom" by the Olsen daughters, Metasha and Melissa (Melissa is pictured on the right above).

Following the wedding we headed to Bainbridge Island and got on the Ferry for Seattle for our trip to Loomis. It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride, which Bob had given to Katherine as part of her birthday present. It has been a long time since we've had this type of opportunity.

We arrived in Loomis about 10:30pm and stayed with Pastor Vern and Ann, who were gracious enough to wait up for us. After spending some time in fellowship we all retired to bed knowing the Lord's Day would come soon with a full day.

After breakfast the next day we headed over for Sunday School. Loomis Community Church continues each Sunday with an Opening for all classes, which is something you don't find in many churches these days. Pastor Vern teaches the Adult Class and is currently working through Dispensationalism, Covenant/Reformed Theology and Hyper-Dispensationalism. It was a good class discussing various aspects of Covenant Theology and the distinction between Israel and the Church and the fact that God will bring Israel back into the land God promised in the future.

This was a momentous occasion for Loomis Community Church as th
ey celebrated the addition of their new Sanctuary. What used to be the old Sanctuary is now the Foyer with a small library, a couple small tables and sink/counter top, plus room now to visit and fellowship (the addition is right of the steeple). Five of the older men were involved in the main process of building the church addition (pictured on the right below). There was a few moments to share a little gift with the men in appreciation.

We are pictured here with some of the folks who were part of the original church back in 1954, that met in a local school building (the gal below on the left in the back row was the wife of a former pastor). The Worship Service was longer than normal with various singing special's, testimonies and stories. Before preaching, Bob was asked by the church folks to honor, with some gifts, the Pastor and Board members for their guidance and spiritual help.

He then preached out of Nehemiah 12 and the Rebuilding of the Walls of Jerusalem. His topic was "From Joyful Celebration to Faithful Ministry." He concentrated on four characteristics of dedication in the Lord's work which involves: An Act of Purification/Cleansing, A Time of Celebration, A Commitment to Ministry and A Submission of Obedience to the Word. He concluded as he started; that the dedication of the wall in Nehemiah's day had no meaning without the dedication of the people for God's glory. In reality, we dedicate ourselves first, and then we can rightly dedicate other things, such as church buildings & our homes for God's use.

We had beautiful weather, great fellowship, safety on the roads and time for plenty of conversation with each other. We continue to Praise God for the ministry of imparting our lives and God's Word to others.

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