Friday, January 22, 2010

Wishkah Valley Community Church/Shelton Bible Church

Our last couple church visits have taken us to Wishkah Valley Community Church and Shelton Bible Church. Jim & Christy Edgell serve at WVCC. The Adult Sunday School class has been studying the Minor Prophets. Pastor Jim started the class with a Bible drill from the Minor Prophets. There were a few that really knew their prophets. Pastor Jim led us through an overview of Haggai, then we split up as tables to discuss a few questions. After some quality time of answering questions in our group we had a joint discussion.

Jim asked Bob to share about the ministry of Northwest Independent Church Extension during the
morning service. There was a good turn out of people and the Worship time truly led us before the throne. Jim preached on Ephesians 2:1-3 mainly, but he did highlight some thoughts from vs5-10. His message was on the depravity of man and the mercy of God. One of the special treats for us was to have lunch with the Edgell's in their new home in the country. Jim had a number of valuable questions for Bob related to ministry.

Last Sunday we venture over to Shelton Bible Church for Sunday School around 9:30am. One of the gals is taking the group through a Bible Survey she has done in the past. While the Worship Service was small, it was a nice group to fellowship with. Don Wantland preached on a series he has been doing called Urgency for the New Year. Don & Jodi are Special Missionaries with N.I.C.E. helping SBC out since they don't have a pastor. Don concentrated on Truth and Spiritual Mindedness by way of review then shared thoughts on the Sonship we have in Christ. After Church a few of us ended up at Denny's where ministry thoughts and concerns continued to be a part of our fellowship.

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