Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sequim, Southhill, Carson, INW Regional

Well, we've been busy the last number of weeks, but then what's unusual about that? We had an opportunity to pop up to Sequim Bible Church on March 7, our Anniversary day. We enjoyed Pastor Dave Witala's message on unity. Our hope is to get back up soon and give a presentation on NICE. The Adult Sunday School teacher would like us to share in his class.
We also were at Faith Bible Church on Southhill, Puyallup the middle of the month for services and annual report. We always enjoy the times when we can drop in for worship in the Morning or Evening Services. Dr. Roy Sprague, former Director of NICE and Earl (Shirley) Brubaker, current Director of NICE were also able to be there. Here is a picture of all three Directors, Past (L), Present (R) & Future (M).

We recently made a trip to southern Washington and Idaho. We started out at Carson Bible Church on a Saturday for an Ordination Council which Bob and Dr. Sprague participated in. We spent the evening with our Missionary Pastor & wife, Dave & Glenda West (he's the preacher on the left). It is always a treat to visit with them. On Sunday morning there was an Ordination Service in which Bob and Dr. Sprague preached. Then after services we headed to Deary, Idaho to spend the evening with Katherine's sister Linda and family. On Monday afternoon we made out trek to Southwick Bible Church for the Inland Northwest Regional. It was good to see a number of folks we've known and get the opportunity to meet new and begin to establish new friendships. Bob sat on an impromptu panel Tuesday and Katherine enjoyed a time of crafts.

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