Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shepherd's Conference

This past week Bob had the opportunity to attend the Shepherd's Conference in Los Angeles, California. It was a good time of being challenged in the Word through main speakers and seminars. Bob stayed with his former intern from the Sun Valley , Idaho and his family. The Basolo's were great hosts even amidst a hectic schedule of a mid-week Memorial Service, attending the Conference and preparations for Sunday services. Scott is the pastor of Santa Clarita Baptist Church, not far from The Master's College. Pastor Ron Brown and Dr. David Verst from Calvary Bible Church in Hailey stayed and attended the Conference also. As tradition, the Shepherd's Conference gave the men a number of free books along with a gift card for the bookstore. It is always fun transporting them back home.

Pastor Tim Atkins and four of his men came to the Conference also. Bob and Tim interviewed a couple for the position of Church Planter for DuPont. It was a two and a half hour meeting that went well and all parties seemed encouraged. The couple may be coming up for a week during Easter to participate in some events and see the area. Bob split his time between the Faith Bible men and the Sun Valley men. What a wonderful time of fellowship with both. The theme of the Conference concentrated mainly on the need for solid, expository preaching; one highlight being a question and answer time with Dr. John MacArthur.

All the Keynote Speakers gave exhorting messages. Perhaps the one that continues to stir in my mind was from Dr. Al Mohler on the Authority of Preaching. The other highlight in preaching was the challenge by Dr. Steve Lawson from Galatians 1:6-10 and his hard hitting directive on the preaching of another gospel heralded across our country today as noted by Paul's Amazement, Paul's Adversaries, Paul's Anathema, and Paul's Aim. Wow! Heads are still spinning from the impact of this message.

Katherine flew down to Burbank on Saturday using some frequent flier miles. We spent the weekend with the Basolo's celebrating our 28th Anniversary on Saturday and then attended Santa Clarita Baptist Church. This was a wonderful time of fellowship and teaching in the Word. What an excitement for us to see Scott, Karyn, and their two boys ministering in the church. Scott is a gifted teacher and preacher. Karyn has a wonderful gift of hospitality and her warm personality sheds light everywhere. What a delight to see God's work in their lives. Pastor Scott shared from Colossians 1:14-15 on "Your 4-Fold Life; Four Divine Decrees that Finalize Your Life." They are "You Were Forgiven, Your Debt Was Canceled, Your Sin Was Nailed to the Cross and Your Accuser Is Disposed." What an amazing amount of depth to the text and application to life. All in all it was a wonderful week and weekend being stimulated in obedience to the Word and delight in fellowshipping with God's people.

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